present for Toddler K: doll bib

Once I was done sewing doll diapers and wipes for Toddler K,
I felt more what needed.
So I sewed two cute little bibs, and purchased a bottle.
I used this pattern from The Crafty Cupboard for the bib.

Everybody needs a bib with doggies!
The bibs are lined with flannel and closed with velcro,
very forgiving for little fingers.

The baby dolls are usually hungry
and little girls love to shove bottle into their doll mouths...

as you can see on this old picture of Miss C.with the same baby,
it has been holding up pretty nicely!

Once the baby doll is fed, she needs a toy to keep her busy,
so I made this little square toy full of ribbons,
it might end up being used more by the little girl than the doll
but that's OK too.
I was inspired by this post by  Twelve Crafts Till Christmas.

Happy sewing!


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