Wednesday, July 1, 2020

homemade taralli, or eating Italian snacks while dreaming of vacations!

This summer we were originally planning on going to Italy
(and France of course!),
but instead we are staying home,
eating Italian snacks and drinking wine,
not a bad combination!

Mon cheri has been teaching the kids his family recipe
for these delicious taralli, and they did a pretty good job.
It is very similar to this one from She Loves Biscotti.

They have anise seeds which adds a nice flavor.
They are quite different from the ones you can buy,
I love both!

I hope we can go visit Florence next year,
it has been so long since I was a student there...

Until then, vine and crackers!

Happy Holiday weekend!

Friday, June 19, 2020

refinishing the patio table and some new candles

Summer is well on its way here in the DC suburbs,
and since we are not going anywhere,
it is nice to eat/drink on the patio.

But some of the furniture I made for the patio in 2015/2016
were starting to look a little tired.
Too many long winters!

and that brought back that little corner to its former glory.

from our old deck.

(the house was repainted last year!)

I never updated it on the blog, but I added some wood all around it for a more finish look.

I spent hours sanded it, bring it back to the light wood:

I liked the look of "naked" wood but it needed some protection for the elements,
so I tried teak oil on the bench like in the past, but that has a country look.

so I went with this oil instead :

it is darker than "naked" but the wood doesn't have that yellow color,
so I am happy with it!

With the table looking so nice,
I wanted to add some candles to the tabletop.
A while back I had seen this cool tutorial at Remodelando La Casa
and decided to make one too,
and it turned out perfect:

I followed the tutorial Cristina wrote, just changing the color of the spray paint to sea foam 
instead of aqua.
And I do not have any sand or seashells, so I used stone dust and flat rocks.
I even had the same little glass containers, 
I guess we like the same desserts!

So now we are ready to enjoy some nice meals on the patio:

Happy Day!

Saturday, June 6, 2020

sewing card

This Sunday is Mother's day in France,
so I sewed this sweet little letter for my Maman:

I really enjoy these little projects from Minki Kim,
previously, I made this sew illustrated card

Here it is before I added the little bobbin of thread:

sticking to my design board,
and before attaching it to the card.
I used a watercolor card, so a pretty heavy card stock
 to handle the weight of the fabric.

It makes it a very personal card
(we both like sewing so it is a current theme between us!)
for a very special lady!

Happy sewing!

Friday, May 29, 2020

dreaming of the beach, a Mont St Michel vignette

Here is my latest vignette,
reminding me of home and summer vacations,
more specifically of Mont Saint Michel,
not far from my hometown:

You can read more about Mont Saint Michel here.

I cross stitched this cute picture,
from les Brodeuses Parisiennes, of course!

and framed it in my usual IKEA frame
(I buy them in multiples!)

Previous vignettes:

We were supposed to go to Brittany this summer
to visit family and the region,
but it is not happening.
It has been already 2 years since the kids saw their French grandparents....

At least, we have some pictures,
our memories.....

and cookies!

I am partially to Brittany cookies,
like Traou Mad,
but those St Michel galettes are pretty good!

Happy Day!

Saturday, May 16, 2020

refinishing the outdoor couch

So far this month, I have been updated a few things in the house,
using left over paint and fabric
with more or less success, hello quarantine!

This couch update keeps with the trend!
And is definitively a success...

Looks good, right?!

following Ana White's plan, just a little smaller to work with my cushions.

It held up very nicely as it is always outside,
but suffered a little from too much green...

not that it was too visible when the cushions were on,
but I only put them on when we use them,
so it mostly looked like this (I had already removed the back):

Much less pleasing!

One reason we always remove the cushions (beside the rain!)
is the squirrels make holes in them the steal the stuffing!

They also use the couch as an eating place!!!

So I spent a lot of time sanding, and sanding some more,
I stained the couch blue:

I also sanded the bench I made in 2016,
I still need to refinish it but I would like to keep it light,
so it will have to wait.

I guess my sister is right, I am going through my blue phase!
It looks so much nicer when it is "naked",
and great with the pillows.

Bosco agrees!

Happy day!

homemade taralli, or eating Italian snacks while dreaming of vacations!

This summer we were originally planning on going to Italy (and France of course!), but instead we are staying home, eating Italian sn...