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the farm quilt: some farm building and a tractor!

I have been hard at work on my new farm quilt,
and today I am sharing 10 new blocks!

While there are many 6 inch blocks in the book "farm girl vintage",
there are a few much larger ones, like the silo barn
that are quite larger (14 x 14 inches),
so I tried to scale them down to 6 inch block.

So here is my mini version of the silo:

it is not a perfect representation,  but it keeps the same vibe, with a dog in the attic, and a simple quilt as the door.

I did the same thing with the quilty barn block, also a 14 x 14 inches, into a 6 inch block to match all my other blocks.

It is also slightly different, but recognizable! There is also a dog in the door and a mouse in the attic, and of course a little quilt on the side.
The last one I revisited is the tractor block, the original size is 16 x 20 inches, so a lot harder to downgrade to 6 inch square. Luckily Lori (of bee in my bonnet) has just written a new book "farm girl vintage 2", and in it she has a small tractor b…

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