"Faites que le reve devore votre vie afin que la vie ne devore pas votre reve"
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Thursday, March 16, 2017

my latest guilty pleasure: illustrated pincushions

Last time I was around, I mentioned we were not getting any snow,
well I stand corrected! We had some, all my flowers are dead
and I am ready for some warmer weather!

I have not been able to sew a lot lately,
first because of my ankle (which is much better now)
and second because I had some skin surgery which prevented me 
from doing anything my with right arm, total nightmare....

So I went for little tiny projects: cute pincushions!

linen, Liberty of London, lace, applique...
what's not to like?

The pattern for these pincushions are from Minki Kim from Sewing Illustration,
I previously made cute tea mats from her book:

I was able to get the patterns for free a while ago,
when they were first available.

The designs are small and a little bit tricky,
but if it is messed up, it is easy to start over,
after all it is only a 3 to 4 inches piece of linen!

And sewing these beats hands down thinking about skin cancer,
even the non deadly one!

Happy sewing!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

the softest swearshirt ever, perfect for my tween

While it feels like we will never get any snow
(channeling my inner child!)
we have had quite a few chilly days.

So I sewed a warm sweat shirt for Miss C.
She likes them large and fluffy, with a hood
and a large kangaroo pocket

And so she got just that.

I had brought back the fabric from France last fall,
it is like a two sided fabric: soft cotton jersey
and fluffy minky .

I think that fabric was mostly designed for babies as it was mostly pastel color,
but this warm grey was perfect for my young lady.
For the pattern I combined 2 patterns from Ottobre,
old edition of the magazine, but sweat shirts are pretty classic in design.

Instead of doing any kind of binding, I turned the sleeves and the pocket inside out
to add a cool design, and fluffiness!

Once I was ready to work on it, it was a resonnable project:
one afternoon of transferring the pattern and cutting the fabric,
another afternoon of sewing.
At the end, a happy child!

I miss sewing for her,
but no more little dresses or cute shorts...

1. dress, 2. shorts, 3. shorts, 4. tunic, 5. dress, 6. dress.

but sweat-shirts are good!

Happy sewing!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

a new mug rug, updating a favorite

I could not help myself!
I made a coordinating mug rug....

Doesn't everybody do that?
 Miss C. made some cute valentine's day cookies
 (from a box mix, she is baking all by herself)
just the perfect touch after a long day at work.

I mixed linen and various prints from the Aria collection,
since I purchased a few fat quarters....

You might recognize the design of this mug rug,

as I have made many versions of that pattern.

You can follow my tutorial if you are interested,
it is an easy project, the quilting is the longest part,
but still pretty fast.

Mug rugs are the perfect size to try a new technique.
I like this echo quilting on the diagonal, 
this time I did a better job than previously,
so no matter how many I make, there is still room for improvement!

Luckily we spill a lot, so there is always a need for more!

Happy sewing!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

my new favorite and almost trendy indigo pillows

Winter has not been harsh so far,
but I am ready for spring!
And nothing like changing the pillows on the couch
to change the feeling of the living room
and make me think of lighter, brighter days.

So I sewed 3 simple pillows and mixed them up with my other pillows.

The long shaggy pillow is made from an IKEA rug, around $15.
I used some off white velvet for the back (left over from the Christmas tree skirt).
It is quite soft and comfy. The rug was a little bulky 
so I stitched it slower than regular fabric, but it was not harder.

This cool indigo print is a quilting fabric
 (I worked not too far from an independent quilt store,
which is awesome and extremely dangerous....large fat quarter collection!!)
The line is Aria by Kelly Ventura from Windham Fabrics.
I like the whole collection so of course I bought a bunch of fat quarters
and 1 yard of that print.
Most of my pillow forms are 20 inch, so too large for fat quarters.
Because the fabric is thinner than a drapery/decor fabric,
I interfaced it with fusible fleece, it made it the perfect weight,
 it does not wrinkle and keeps its shape.
I always cut the fabric the size of the pillow (here 20 inch)
so that it fits snugly at 19 inch (1/2 inch seams).

This flowery print is also from the same collection,
that pillow form is 18 inch so I was able to use 2 coordinating fat quarters for the tops.
It was also interfaced with fusible fleece.
In both cases the zipper is at the base of the pillows so there are not bad sides.
It is not the case of the fluffy pillow, I was too concerned about the "hair" being stuck in the zipper!

Most of the other pillow covers are from IKEA, except for the PB blue and natural linen cover.

In December 2015, I mentioned that I wanted to redo the coffee table.

same couch, all in red!

Well I received the wheels that Christmas, and painted them right away.
Then I installed them, and that was it!
I still think about other changes but I guess I am not quite ready!

We did get a new rug last winter (from Costco)
and it goes perfectly with my new pillows, like I had a plan or something....
It is also larger (and softer) than the previous one.

On the week end, I enjoy having a little aperitif with Mon Cheri
before dinner and the craziness of the children,
so I set us up with nice drinks and little snacks:
dried chickpeas and warm little goat cheese bites.

My love of indigo is not recent , these napkins are more than 10 years old!
The little plates are more recent....

No food photo-shoot could be complete without my drooling helper:

She did not steal anything, but it was very tempting!

Happy sewing!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

perfect little present bag for teens

Lately Miss C. had a few of her friends turning 13!
I cannot believe these cute little girls are now teenagers....
still a few months before it happens to my baby!

While I used to make them all doll clothes a few years ago,
like this winter doll outfit or this spring doll outfit,
now they are way too cool for that!

Most of them love drawing and painting,
so Miss C. decided to get them sketch books,
and for old time sake, I sewed a bag to carry them.

These little bags are quite easy to make,

I followed the same tutorial from S.O.T.A.K Handmade.
Once again I changed the size so it could accommodate the sketch book.

For the first young lady, I chose a mermaid/narwhal print,
"into the reef "by Rae Ritchie for Dear Stella,
a fat quarter is enough for the top.
She is apparently a huge fan of narwhals, the unicorns of the ocean!

I did buy a little coordinate print for the top, a very soft blue.
But for the inside I used a sea print from last year.

For the second lady, I chose a dog print.
Just like me, she is a big fan!

The print is "dawg thoughts" by Sally Ball Sharp for Ink and Arrow fabric,

I just like that collection "Dawg" so much that I bought a fat quarter of each
 (without any plan an how I was going to use it,
 it happens more than I would like to admit...)

So of course I used more prints for the top and lining.
who cannot like "taking my human for a walk"?
I feel like Malou speaks that way!

The name of the print is "things Dawgs say", just perfect!

Miss C. informed me the presents were very well received,
and that she would like one for herself too!

I am wondering which fat quarter I can use....

Happy sewing!

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