"Faites que le reve devore votre vie afin que la vie ne devore pas votre reve"
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Monday, July 27, 2015

two simple birthday parties

Miss C turned 11 last week and we celebrated her birthday
 with some of her friends, 
she chose to have a Minion light inspired party.
 I say light because just a few things were minions related.

She made her own invitation from yellow cardstock and denim inspired paper, 
stamping her initial on the blue band, a sophisticated take on the minion uniform.

We baked some cupcakes (much easier to serve than actual cake), 
yellow cake of course (from the box, my family’s favorite,
 I don’t get it but it is not my bday!), 
with homemade chocolate frosting, and purchased minions eyes and mouth,
 the wrappers were also minions.

It was a much simpler party that some of her previous ones, 
(which are probably simpler than many fancy people do)
like the Safari Party when I sewed goodybags


Like last year, her party took place at our neighborhood pool, which means no cleaning 
before the parties, and easy post party clean up.
Most of the kids were nice and picked up after themselves.

Last year for her 10th birthday, Miss C. was inspired by the “teen beach movie”, 
a truly beautiful, fancy party.

Of course we did not go all the way like in the inspiration, 
we baked some surf board inspired cookies that Miss C. decorated herself, and some cupcakes.
 I added some kid friendly snacks and drinks. 
A few decorative accents were included to go with the color scheme
 of aqua, orange and lime.
 Miss C. also crafted simple invitation with the same color,
 keeping it low cost and fun. 
All the kids had a good time, played in the water and ate all the treats,
 success all over!

Happy birthday, Miss C.!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

makeup brushes roll

As Miss C. is getting older, she is more and more interested in makeup.
 Nothing too intense, she just likes to be silly with some of her girlfriends, 
which I totally understand. I was the same way at her age, 
not that you could tell now as I mostly only wear lipstick!

For her birthday, she received a full set of brushes (from Target),
 more than one would need, but perfect to play. 
To make them a more interesting present, 
I sewed a simple roll to store them all.

I followed this tutorial from LBG studio (fast and easy). 
I used some tween approved aqua Japanese fabric with
some French writing for the outside and the pocket,
 and some white Kona cotton for the inside.
The white was probably not the best as the brushes deposit colors on the lining,
 as Miss C. proved it after putting on some red lipstick and blue eye-shadow!

Happy sewing!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

peach cobler

Summer has been really hot for the last couple of days,
but we are done with swim team, practice and twice-a-week meets,
I feel like we are entering the second phase of the season,
with more down time, even while working full time...

During the swim season, there were a lot of Friday night pot lucks,
and the perfect dessert to bring is a large peach cobbler.

It is easy and serve a lot of hungry swimmers and their parents,
that one was actually so large it did not stay in the pan!

(it is a quick one minute video!)
the only change I made was to use half a cup of sugar to cook the peaches,
it is just too sweet otherwise.

It always disappeared within minutes,
so I made many more, in larger pans.
I am planning on making more, but it is just too hot right now
to turn on the oven....
oh well we can just eat the peaches plain,
they are truly delicious!

Happy day!

Monday, July 6, 2015

July celebration

Usually for the 4th of July, we keep decoration simple,
we have been using the same 2x4 flag we made in 2010.
Looking back as that post the kids are really young,
hard to believe they are going to high school and middle school in 8 weeks!

So we had step up our game, and come up with something new.
Being almost the day of, we went with something easy,
and made a simple banner.
Instead of just celebrating the US independence day,
we are also celebrating Bastille day as it is known here.
(they are just 10 days apart....and 13 years!)

If you have ever visited Mount Vernon, you know how close George Washington and Lafayette
 were, and there you can see the key to the Bastille (royal prison and symbol of oppression)

While it was not a very sunny or hot day (by DC standard)
we still enjoyed the outdoor, lemonade, watermelon
and fireworks!

Happy day!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

outdoor sofa from the old deck

we started reusing the non rotten part of the wood to build
Well this year, we still have some wood left,
so we built a love-seat for the backyard.

I was inspired by this couch , so when I saw the same cushions at Lowe's,
I purchased them right away, and built a couch based on their size.

I followed this tutorial from Ana White, changing slightly the size
because my cushions are 24" deep and not 26 like hers.
I also only used 2x4 and 2x6, all of them coming from the old deck.

Since I did not have any 1x3, or any other one by,
it is very sturdy, and rustic!
The back is also a little different based on the wood I had on hand.

I think I am going to apply some stain to protect it from the elements,
(when it finally stops raining long enough!)
especially on all the new cuts.

We are enjoying it right now,
it is quite comfortable, and just the right size for our family.

Miss C seems to enjoy it quite a bit,
the fan is for extra cooling and mosquitoes protection,
they cannot fly in the wind.
We have way less than previously since we removed the deck,
but there are a few left!

Happy day!

Monday, June 22, 2015

beer carrier

As a present for father's day,
I made a beer carrier for Mon Cheri,
while he is obviously not my dad but my children's,
he definitively deserved a little present.

These beer totes have been quite popular everywhere,
there are quite a few ways to make them....

I skipped the separator part for the beers,
the cuts were a little too close for the comfort of my fingers
and this way, 3 large bottles of beer fit very nicely.

The opener on the side is perfect,
for indoor, outdoor use or at a party!

Happy Day!

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