"Faites que le reve devore votre vie afin que la vie ne devore pas votre reve"
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Day 21: Holiday outfit

Now that Saige has spent the last 2 days at the spa,
she really needs to get ready for the main event,
so of course she needed a Holiday outfit.

Nothing says Holidays like a beautiful plaid dress.
I used some remnants from a Christmas dress I made for Miss C. many years ago.

Obviously it does not fit her anymore!

For Saige, I used this pattern from the pixie faire,
it is actually for top, I just added a few inches at the bottom.

The nice touch is the zipper in the back,
it gives it a nice dressy look,
perfect for a Christmas dress.
It is not really harder with the zipper,
I actually like it better  than velcro.

To keep Saige warm, I sewed a little shrug from an old sweater,
dolls like cashmere too!
very fast and easy.

The shoes come from Michaels, not great but they do the job.

Just a few more days until Christmas.

Happy sewing!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Day 19 and day 20: make up box and spa accessories

We are now just a few days from Christmas,
Saige and Miss C. have already received so many little surprises,
from fireplace to chair, from casual to dance outfits,
from apron to cookies, what can a doll/girl need more?
Well a spa event of course!
The Holidays can be stressful, even for low-key doll....

You have probably seen the neat salon/spa set from AG,
very nice but not in my budget, so I went with the OG/Target version.

Miss C. is dreaming of getting a foot spa for herself, well at least her doll will be set!

I am sure you have seen the cool jewelry/makeup box from AG,
super cute but expensive.

In my stash of many crafty things, I found a box that I bought probably more than
10 years ago at a stamping convention, I cannot remember what for!
but it was perfect to use as a doll jewelry/makeup box.

I painted black on the outside and pearly purple on the inside.
The top tray is removable, there is a large compartment at the bottom.
For the makeup palette, I found some picture of makeup
and just glued them on some black foam.
Miss C. had the brushes and nail polishes from another OG set.

Happy crafting!

Friday, December 19, 2014

a few more butterflies

I could not help myself....
I made a few more butterflies out of raw silk
and Liberty of London fabrics.
They are made the same way than  my previous one.

Happy sewing!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Day 17 and day 18: ballet outfit

Now that Saige has a couple of nutcrackers,
she needs a dance outfit of course!
I did not go the traditional ballet/tutu combination,
I have made those before when Miss C. was a little girl and into ballet.
(a pink one here and a white/turquoise here)
I went toward modern dance, and cooler outfit.

On the 17th, Miss C. received the leotard.
I used this free pattern from Lee and Pearl,
I used the same cotton/lycra fabric that I used for the yoga pants.
Because there are no leg holes, it is a lot easier to sew than an unitard,
totally worse trying.

And today, she received a cool dance t-shirt,
recycled from her own dance t-shirt.
I used this t-shirt pattern from Pixie Faire,
and I must admit I do not like this pattern,
 which is a first for this company.
It was my second time making it, and still
it did not really work out.
May be I need to use a different kind of knit,
it turned out all stretch out and very large,
I was able to fix some of problems,
and it looks good now, but it was not an enjoyable event.

Now Saige can dance and play with her nutcracker,
and I can remember Miss C.'s first nutcracker performance,
where she is just a tiny mouse....

Happy sewing!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Day 16: nutcrackers

No traditional American Christmas could be complete without a nutcracker!
I did not grow up watching the ballet but I knew the music,
after all it is a very famous part of Fantasia,
and we have already established our liking for Disney!

Miss C. received 2 nutcrackers for her doll:
one of plain wood that she can decorate as she pleases,
and one embroidered as a pillow of sorts.
The embroidery pattern is from Wild Olive.

Now that she has a nutcracker, guess what comes tomorrow?

Happy crafting!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Day 13, day 14 and Day 15: Mickey sweatshirt, yoga pants and treat

We are slightly late with our advent calendar,
because we went on a little trip to the magical kingdom!
We had never been to Florida before, and while it was not very warm,
it was so much warmer than here, winter is going to be long!

So to continue the fun at home, Saige is also enjoying some Disney cheer!
Since it is a casual place, she needed some lycra pants and a sweat shirt, well at least for the evening.

For the yoga pants I used the pattern from Pixie Faire (a free one from the summer),
I sewed them out of some old legging, so there is a nice stretch.
For the sweat shirt I used Simplicity 4297 pattern,
and Brick master's old sweat shirt from when we went to Disneyland 8 years ago,
he was 5, Miss C, was 2, so really it felt like this was her first time!

Now the last thing Saige needs is a treat,
and noting says Disney park like a Mickey mouse treat!

We had the real thing and it is quite good,
but for the doll, I purchased it from Stacey Morgan Studios,
the same place that I purchased the cookies,
these are just as perfect and may be even cutter,
but I could be partial!

Disney inspired Mouse Ice Cream for American Girl Doll set of 2

Happy sewing!
Have a Magical Day!
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