"Faites que le reve devore votre vie afin que la vie ne devore pas votre reve"
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Friday, July 4, 2014

just for me: heirloom quilt

This quilt has been in the making for many years.
I purchased the kit from Martha Pullen 
when the directions were being published (around 2005) in her magazine.
I started sewing it probably in 2008-2009,
I quilted it in 2011, bound in 2012 and I am finally enjoying it now!

The first article of the series can be found here, just select Heirloom baby quilt, it is a PDF.

All the directions are in a book, if you are interested,
it is a great project to learn heirloom sewing.

A lot of lace shaping, and fancy stitching made this quilt a true work of art.
I have most of the techniques down now,
but all my reasons for learning them have grown
and show absolutely no interest in it!

Oh well, I still have still beautiful quilt which hangs in my sewing room,
and I smile every time I see it!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

summer shorts

I started out to make sport shorts for Saige,
and ended up with something that resembled summer shorts instead.
It probably comes from using Liberty of London fabric,
I just could not resist, it has the perfect shades of girly pinks!

I followed this cool pattern "Sporty Shorts" from Doll Tag Clothing.
They have pockets, coll side panels, and even tie.

I wanted to make sport shorts for the dolls to go with Miss C.'s latest event:
she ran her first 5K!

She ran it in a little over 30 minutes, pretty good for her first time.

Happy sewing!

Monday, May 19, 2014


Last week I made a cute little needle book for my MIL
for mother's day.
In France, it is next week end,
so not sharing anything yet!

I started with some plain linen that I stamped with rubber stamps,
I think they are from Tim Holtz collection,
everything goes with an Eiffel Tower!
I added some ribbons, and appliqued a little needle patch.

It was lightly inspired by Nana company needle book.

I kept the back simple, with a sweet clothespins fabric
and one of my stamped tags, a smiley sewing machine!

On the inside, I used another cool print, a collage of vintage notions,
perfect for a little needle book.

I just loved how it turned out!

Happy sewing!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

lemon butter cake

Are you looking for the perfect recipe for a little tea party for Mother's day (my favorite way to celebrate!)?
Or just a great way to relax and enjoy a cup of tea?
Well these cute petite cakes are exactly what you are looking for:

They are delicious, easy to make and look good.
At this time of the year, we are all looking for spring/summer,
and the citrus flavor really brings it all out.

I followed this recipe from Jenny Steffens Hobick,
she uses in the loaf shape and in cupcakes, 
we tried both and it is a winner no matter the shape!

Go ahead, throw a little party to your Mom, your friends or yourself
and enjoy some lemon cakes.

Happy day!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

May the 4th be with you, always

Today is of course a very special day for our family
and all the other Star Wars fans in the world.
We are in the middle of an extremely slow update on Brick Master's bedroom,
but we have found the art, and it is perfect for this day:

I purchased them from The Decorium Studio on Etsy,
they are awesome,
perfect for boys, and they make great father's day present,
I know,  Mon Cheri received one last year!
Boba Fett from Star Wars art print from an original illustration - 8x10
and it matches the Boba Fett shirt I made for him years ago,
and the ornaments Miss C and I made.

Interested in a 2 minutes summary of the Star wars saga?

here it is for episodes IV, V, VI (the original)

and here for episodes I, II, III

it is a family friendly LEGO summary.
I am off making Star Wars cookies...
Happy day, always!

Monday, April 28, 2014

working on the patio or how we are way over our head!

Spring is here and it is time to tackle some hard work,
or so we thought when we started Saturday morning.
By mid-afternoon, we started to second guessed ourselves!
Why? Because of this:
This is what your deck looks like now,
yep feeling quite overwhelmed!
But let's go back in time to see when it all started
Here what the deck/backyard allegedly looked like when we bought the house:

We moved in just after a huge snowstorm (by DC standard),
and this is what it looked like:

(about 3 years ago)

Pretty rapidly we realized that part of the deck was in rough shape,

and getting dangerous, we even started replacing some boards,
but this was not the solution we were looking for.
So we looked for various options and decided to get a concrete plus stone patio installed.
Since it is a major investment, we found that one way to cut cost what to do the demo ourselves.
so we started! 

It was a family event, everybody helped,
some have just more force or tools to work with.

More than half of the wood is rotten, so we decided to just cut the deck,
instead of just taking it apart.
I saved the benches, the wood there is actual OK and I have plans to reuse it.
After removing about 1/3 of the deck, we were surprised to find some concrete under the footing,
they are huge squares, about 4 feet by 4 feet, and about 6 inches deep.
These concrete squares are not level and are lower toward the house,
we always thought that we had a grade problem and that the water was going toward the house,
well at least we know why now!
That would probably explain also why it felt like the deck was harboring mosquitoes,
it was dark, warm and humid under there, perfect breeding conditions!

Do you see the chair there?
Somehow there is a hole there, huge hole,
and interestingly we have a problem in the basement just at the same place....
coincidence or connection?!

Now the real question is does this concrete need to be removed?
or can our contractor work with it?
it is quite low toward the house...
I am just concerned this is going to be more expensive
and our budget has very little wiggle room!
At least we have some more time to remove the rest of the deck,
our bodies have the rest of the week to recover!
Happy whatever-you-are-doing day!
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