Wednesday, June 24, 2015

outdoor sofa from the old deck

we started reusing the non rotten part of the wood to build
Well this year, we still have some wood left,
so we built a love-seat for the backyard.

I was inspired by this couch , so when I saw the same cushions at Lowe's,
I purchased them right away, and built a couch based on their size.

I followed this tutorial from Ana White, changing slightly the size
because my cushions are 24" deep and not 26 like hers.
I also only used 2x4 and 2x6, all of them coming from the old deck.

Since I did not have any 1x3, or any other one by,
it is very sturdy, and rustic!
The back is also a little different based on the wood I had on hand.

I think I am going to apply some stain to protect it from the elements,
(when it finally stops raining long enough!)
especially on all the new cuts.

We are enjoying it right now,
it is quite comfortable, and just the right size for our family.

Miss C seems to enjoy it quite a bit,
the fan is for extra cooling and mosquitoes protection,
they cannot fly in the wind.
We have way less than previously since we removed the deck,
but there are a few left!

Happy day!


  1. My daughter intends to make a couch for her living room the kind that one you are showing us. I will show her your cushions. The fabric is gorgeous. XOXO

  2. thank you! these outdoor cushions are very comfortable, we have been enjoying it quite a bit, may I should have made a full couch instead of a loveseat, to cut down on the amount of fighting between the children!


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