Friday, February 5, 2021

a simple teenager bathroom makeover, part two

In the summer 2019, I started  making over Miss C.'s bathroom,
with a new mirror, new lighting and new towel hangers.

I even repainted the vanity from brown to black,
much nicer with the black mirror.

We could have stopped there as she was quite pleased
with the outcome, but after removing the medicine cabinet,
she was a little short in storage,
so I built her some:

I built this cool ladder following this tutorial from Ana White (of course!)
and painted it black like the vanity.
It was not a complicated built, but it took me forever!

So now there is space to store extra TP,
Kleenex and more cactus!

Speaking of cactus, I found the perfect print:

Of course, I could have taken this makeover further 
by embracing the new trend of painting tiles,
but I thought it was good just as is.
Sometimes it is nice to keep things ....simple!

Happy Day!

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