Tuesday, November 30, 2021

a snowy Christmas tree skirt

I sewed a new Christmas tree skirt!
It is so whimsical and fun,
 trees and houses in the snow:

I made it for my sister who did not want too much red or green,
so lot of blue and pink!

The pattern is Yule tide Christmas tree skirt from Tied with a Ribbon,
pretty easy to make, lot of raw edge appliques, so quite doable.

I mostly followed the directions, especially for the tree panel,
with the reverse applique stars

but I realized my white and gold fabric was visible under the blue fabric,
so I did some regular applique on the house panel:

I also decided to stitch each panel on batting, 
skipping the quilting part later.

It worked well, making it easy to quilt.
I just stitched each panel to its friend,
trimming the batting at the seam to avoid any bulk.

Then I placed it on top the backing

and just stitched along the seams of each panel.
And finally I bound it with some candy cane print (cut on the bias)

I chose a more traditional print for the backing,
in case my sister decides to embrace red and green for Christmas next year!

I look forward to seeing some pictures with her tree,
it will probably be better than this glass tree!

Here are some Christmas tree skirt I made previously:

Soft and fluffy skirt

Quilted tree skirt

Happy sewing!

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