Monday, January 10, 2011

doll bed, finally!

Remember the doll bed I was working on?

well I finished the bedding on time
but I did not get to paint it
for a while!

So here it is finally,
all together!

It turns out that it is a bear bed,
not a doll bed!
Larry, Miss C.'s bear, was in need of some better
sleeping arrangement,
so dolly agreed to give up the bed....

it is usually best to not argue with bears!

The quilt turned out really cute.

It took a while to sew all the little squares together,
but it does not require too much thinking,
so perfect sewing with a movie!

I used the same off-white fabric for the back and
I quilted simple straight lines on the plain fabric,
making a simple diagonal design.

Just right for a country bed!

Happy day,
I mean sleep!


  1. The bed turned out really well and I just love your quilt. Talk about labor of love.
    Fantastic job on both!

  2. Quelle patience !! Tout ces minuscules carres!! Et le lit est superbe.

  3. I love the doll (bear) bed, and the little quilt is awesome.

  4. Oh my! The little quilt is beautiful! Maybe this is where I need to start my quilting - on a smaller scale! Love it!


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