Sunday, July 31, 2011

Back from France and GBD

We are back!
Did you miss me?
Probably not,
that's OK, I was fine too!

We had a great time,
lots of time spent with family,
lots of food to taste,
lots of castles/towns/beach to visit!

Yes we were busy,
and at the same time we had a very slow pace,
most of the shopping was done by foot,
so no hurrying in our life style.
The kids' French is better,
I swear they have grown so much during this month long visit!

Our return was sadden by the loss of my dear dog.
Great Big Dog and Black Dog stayed home with Mon Cheri,
GBD's health went down really fast after our departure,
the hot humid weather did not help.
When we arrived home, he was not able to wave his tail,
I know he was happy to see me but that was too much effort.
To please me, he tried to eat some food,
which he had not done in a while,
but his body could not take it.
So we had to make that terrible realisation
that I would not be able to "fix" him,
not matter how much I care for him.
We had to let him go,
I had to get my best friend on his final journey.

It has been a little over a week now that Great Big Dog is gone,
I miss him terribly,
Black Dog seems to know that he has to take GBD's place at my side,
 he does a good job
but it is not the same thing.
I know time will heal....


  1. What an emotional entry, you brought tears to my eyes. I am sorry for your loss, bit at the same time happy that you enjoyed for many years a dog that made you feel special everyday. I remember even being a little scared when you dogs were coming in like little happy horses (or so I thought then)after having had a great time at the back yard. I hope you get your head up and if you need me you know how to find me. Un beso

  2. Morgane, you don't know me, but I enjoy your creative journeys here in blog land. Having a dog who is now almost sixteen and waiting patiently for her wings, I know how painful your loss is and that nothing can ease it but time. The picture of your baby is beautiful and heartbreaking. Take care...Debbie

  3. I'm so sorry for the loss of your puppy dog. When our dog Red lost his long battle with cancer 2 years ago, a good friend bought us a book called "Dog Heaven". It's very sweet, and it was nice to read with the girls and talk about Red.


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