Tuesday, August 9, 2011

let's talk castles

During our trip, we visited a few castles,
going down dungeons, enjoying History!

Le chateau de Lehon, well its ruins!

You can read some details here .

Miss C. likes the "open-concept"!

Le chateau de Dinan:

You can read some details on Wikipedia.

Brick Master has a great time running around
and playing with canon balls!

Le Chateau de Fougeres:

You can read more on Wikipedia

It is very impressive castle,
you can pretend that you are under siege
(and shoot arrows!)

or just enjoying the outdoor

Le Chateau de Trecesson:

still inhabited,
read more on Wikipedia
near the Brocelainde forest.

we were not able to visit it, just look at it!

Next time we visit (in a few years)
we will check out Renaissance castles,
but I have a special weakness for those old medieval castles!

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