Thursday, August 25, 2011

gettin ready for school: the nook cover

Technically this is not really a back to school project,
but Mon Cheri spends a lot of time in the metro,
and we ran out of paperbacks!

It was time to embrace technology,
and go with an electronic reading device.
I guess it was the perfect present for
being one year on his new job.
I jumped on the opportunity to make
a cover for it,
it is not often that I get to sew
something for him!

I was inspired by this cover seen on Flickr,
make of wool felt and leather.

I made mine of wool that I brought back from France,
some imitation leather and quilting fabric.

I cut from the wool 2 rectangles:
10 x 15 and 10 x 5,
from the quilting fabric 1 rectangle:
10 x 11
from the imitation leather:
a square 4 x 4
and a rectangle 10 x 1.
I also used some interfacing for the quilting fabric,
and some velcro.
I used 1/2 inch seam, wool can fray pretty fast!

I sewed the pseudo leather pieces and
 the velcro on the top of the cover,
I sewed both pieces of the inside
and the other side of the velcro.

With right side together, I stitched around the top flap,
so just both wool layer, starting and finishing at the quilting fabric.

I then returned the flap, right side out.
I folded under 1/2 inch the bottom of the quilting fabric,
then I folded the rectangle in half, meeting the seam between
the fabric and the wool.
I sewed both side of the rectangle (short sides on the picture)


I did the same thing, on the wool side,
creating 2 pockets.

Then I turned right side out of the wool pocket
and slided inside the cotton pocket.

I then hand stitched the 2 pockets together.
I also top stitched the flap.
And voila a cute manly cover!

Happy sewing!

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