Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Miss C.'s first quilt

Toward the end of the summer vacation,
Miss C. and I decided to repaint her room.
It was an nice color but too dark for her
and definitively not girly.
So we painted it together a nice lavender shade,
perfect for a small room and little sun
(picture to come...still need to organise the room!).
After we were done, we realized we needed
to add more personality to the room,
(I still need to make the curtains with the fabric I brought back from France)
she knew what was missing: a quilt.
Do not get me wrong here, she had quilts,
made by me, by her grandmother, she is not lacking in the quilt department.
But what was missing was one done by herself!
After all, 7 is the right age to make one!
I took Miss C. to the quilt store and let her choose the fabric.
There were no hesitations, she saw the fabric she loved
(the one on the bottom)
and then chose 5 more to go with it.

Interestingly she chose 5 from the same line, they were placed through out the store,
not together as a collection, I guess it felt right for her.
I added the batik on the top for border/binding.

I cut all the fabric, I was too nervous about letting her using the rotary cutter!
We decided on 6 1/2 inch square.

Miss C. started sewing all these squares together, matching up the sides!
I first I thought we would just use these squares
and make them into a simple quilt,
but it looked a little uninspired.

Luckily I had just read this tutorial on Swim, Bike, Quilt,
and decided to use a similar pattern,
instead of a 2 x 2 center,
we went with a 2 x 3 center,
making it a rectangle.
We were able to use of the square that she had sewn,
I just added the border (3 1/2 inch wide) as it is a little harder to sew straight!

There is still some work to be done
 (finish the top, quilt it, bind it, which I will probably do since
 we did not finish before school started!)
but it is turning out to be beautiful,
a perfect quilt for a growing girl!

Happy sewing!

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  1. wow, she is already sweing! i'm so impressed. I bet she ends up being as perfectionist as her mom. I also love her pick of fabrics, it was always a challenge for me, so I am impressed that she didn't get overwhelmed at the store and she was able to find such beautiful combination, way to go Ms C!


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