getting ready for school: the pencil pouch

These are our last few days of summer vacation,
we have been visiting friends (with the excitement of the earthquake!),
gone one more time to the beach,
done some yard work,
we are almost ready!

A few more sewing projects before it is officially back to school:
a pencil pouch for Brick Master.

I followed this tutorial from Noodle Head at Sew Mama Sew.
It went fast and well, even if sewing with vinyl is not so easy!
I used a large zipper, hopefully it will make it easier to open and close it,
anyway it will be much better than the one we purchased last year
(it lasted only one week!)
yes one more reason to make it myself!

Now I just need to finish the first day outfits,
and we are good to go!

Happy sewing!


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