to the Renaissance fair we went...

Last week was hard, rainy and sad,
(more on than later),
so we went to the fair this week end,
nothing like renaissance fair to lift your spirit!

We of course dressed up for the occasion,
Miss C. went with her Belle dress
(may be not really Renaissance, but she was not the only princess!)

and Brick Master wore part of his conquistador costume,
I need to make him a new knight costume,
the old one is too small!

The plays were great, the jousting was excellent
and the food was perfect!

We just had a wonderful time!

We returned home happy and tired.
I needed this break, my grandmother passed away on Wednesday,
and her funeral was Friday.
We had a really good time with her when we visited this summer,
we saw her almost everyday, she was still at home,
and while she was already in pain, you would have never guessed.

Now I really miss GBD,
not that there are any connections between of the two of them,
but he always knew when I needed him!
(he was the best 90 lbs lap dog)


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