Friday, May 11, 2012

butterfly brooches for Mother's day

I have been looking around for a easy and fun project
to do for Mother's day with the Brownies.
There are quite a few options out there,
but the one we went for is a butterfly brooch made out of felt.

(mine on the top, Miss C.'s on the bottom)

They are pretty and a good project for the girls,
perfect to learn to sew a simple stitch.
I used this tutorial from Bugs and Fishes.
I prepared kits for my brownies:
2 precut butterflies with a brooch back already attached.

The same blog has another version of the butterfly brooch,
with more details, prettier and a lot less simple,
it would be prefect for older girls,
who could do all the cuttings and sewing without help,
or younger girls with more help.

I will not show you how they turned out,
it was a lot harder than I expected....
(I am used to crafting with Miss C.)
but all the girls worked hard and had a great time.
I hope their mom appreciate all the hard work they did!

Happy sewing!


  1. What a fun craft for the girls. I always loved doing the projects in brownies and can still remember some of them!

  2. Hi Morgane,
    Thanks so much for posting the link to this on my blog - it's lovely to see the little kits you made from my tutorial! They would make fun crafty gifts for Christmas, etc.

    Would it be okay for me to include one of your photos in a future "show and tell" post on my blog, sharing things people make with my supplies & tutorials?

    No problem if you'd rather not :)

    Best wishes & happy crafting,
    Laura x


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