Wednesday, July 25, 2012

birthday invitation

we needed some special invitation,
homemade of course!

We looked around Pinterest
and found Passport invitations are all the rage,
so we went with the trend!

Using the computer, I wrote "Passport to Africa" leaving enough space
to stamp our beautiful elephant (probably Indian, but good enough).
We printed on the reverse side of this purple animal print cardstock.
Afterward, I realized I should have done a better job centering the print!
The automatic border of the page messed it up a little,
but it did not disturb Miss C. so we kept going with our project.

We cut the paper (we made 2 passports per sheet of paper),
and stamped the elephant (Magenta) in black ink.

When the passport is opened, the print can be fully appreciated!
For the inside, we used an off-white cardstock, folded in half,
and cut a little smaller than the cover.

We stamped the cover with a travel stamp,
resembling what would be stamps from various countries,
after all our guests were world travelers!

On the inside we printed the information about the party
(I have removed most of it, for privacy reasons)
We added some colors with a giraffe stamp,
and a cut-out giraffe 
(same animal that we used to decorate the cupcakes)
We left the rest of the pages blank.

To attach all the pages together, I used a small hole puncher,
and with both layers together, I punched 1/2 holes on the edge.
Then with black embroidery thread and a big needle,
I tied a knot on the edge.

Miss C. was very proud of her invitation, 
she kept saying it looked like they were store bought!
I love her enthusiasm,
I guess having her involve in the project makes it that much more special!

So I will not start any time soon making professional invitations
(not that I was planning on doing it!)
but I am pleased with how they turned out,
and more importantly that all of our guests enjoyed receiving them!
Have you ever made your own party invitation?
Any tips for next time?

Happy day!

A Crafty Soiree

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