Tuesday, July 24, 2012

birthday party: safari style!

Last week end, Miss C. celebrated her birthday with her girlfriends,
her request: it had to be animal related, her passion.
So we came up with the idea of a safari,
I had "Out of Africa" vision,
she thought hot pink animal!

Here is how we compromised:

A perfect mix of wild print with strong color and more neutral decor!

The best part is that we had most of the element already,
no need to purchase fancy things, besides loads of candies and treats!
A fair amount of shuffling around was done: the picture is from our bedroom,
the buffet cover is the curtain from the living room (drop clothes are so convenient!),
the wood animals are from the dining room (most come from far away trips)
the tray is also from the dining room.

Miss C. came up with the idea to use ribbon to decorate the ramekins that hold the candies,
she just used tape to secure it around the base.
Brick Master was also helpful, he was in charge of naming and creating all the tags
for the various treats, some of names:
coconut juice, fruit, snakes, worms, monkey slices, flowers, snake eggs, elephant ears.

We used the memories slice to cut all the animal shapes,
and he used a mini alphabet stamps set to write the names.

We used the same tools to make cupcake toppers
for the vanilla cupcakes with home-made chocolate icing.

I made a simple layered cake (yellow cake with home-made vanilla butter cream),
 I used some tattoo from Charm City Cake, it was perfect for our theme,
and surprisingly easy to use. I was a little concerned but it went well,
I made the cake the day before, iced it a few hours later, refrigerated overnight,
and applied the tattoos the following morning, pipped some more icing to hide the edges
and called it good.
The girls were very surprised and happy!

Doesn't it look nice?
Nothing says Happy Birthday like 4 layers cake!

The table was very simply decorated:
Miss C. used her collection of animals to make
a circle of life. 
We had purchased wild print plates (with lime green rim!)
The chair of the Bday girl was recovered in a cotton print with animals (secured with tape!).

And finally the back table with the goody bags
and space for the gifts.
I made the quilt many years ago for the kids'room,
and it looked perfect for the party.

It was one fancy party
and the birthday girl just loved it all!
It is official, my baby is 8....

Happy Birthday Miss C.!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Miss C! We miss y'all!

    Joanna & Mary Kaitlyn


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