dolls and horses at the stable

Hello there, we are off to the stable,
would you like to come and join us?

Since you last saw the ranch, we added a rope at the entrance,
there were too many risks of horses running away.

 Well, come on in,
there is a lot of space here, and it is full of friends!

Our 2 horses Diamond and Gem are enjoying all the attention the girls are giving them,
Gem especially appreciates the carrots Camille brought him.

The girls like to spend some time in the club-house-part of the stable,
showing off their trophy,
Miss C. needs to make some more to complete the look,
may be some ribbons?

The hay stack can also be used for resting,
taking care of horses is a lot of work!

Camille, our newest friend from France, is Polly's little sister,
(the girl with the cowboy hat)
she has the same blond hair and blue eyes,
it must run in the family!

Rebecca is an animal lover (just like Miss C.)
and supervises Camille and Gem's interactions,
foal can be so unpredictable.

We hope you enjoyed your day with us,
at the stable,
it is so much fun to hang out there and play with the horses.

See you here back soon!

happy day!


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