Back from vacation in France

It has been pretty quiet here for the last few weeks,
we were enjoying some family time in France.
It was fun, the weather was nice (pretty unusual for where my family lives),
we visited many places and even spent a few days in Paris at my sister's.

After Miss C.'s birthday party inspired by the Eiffel tower, it was great to be able to take
the kids there to actually see it for the first time,
until then I thought they were just too young to visit such a large city.
At 9 and 12, they really enjoyed it, even if there were a lot of tired legs and feet at the end of the day!

Mon Cheri was able to come with us, so it was a truly family vacation.
We visited a cool attraction park "le Puy du Fou",(no rides but a lot of cool shows)
a lot of history from Roman games in occupied Gaul, to Vikings, to fight against
 the English during the hundred year war, a lot of fire, water, horses and birds,
what's not to like?
(if you understand French, it is a little cheesy at time, but for non-speakers, it is awesome!)

We managed to spend the best day of the season at my childhood beach, near canons and islands,
the kids found the English Channel quite cold but that did not stop them.
I must have grown weak, as I was unable to enter the water past my waist,
I used to bath there from Easter till late October!

Brick Master and Miss C. enjoyed spending tons of time with Papi and Mamie,
going shopping with them and eating lots of croissants and bread ans butter.

Now it is time to return to reality
and get ready for back to school,
just one more week of vacation....

Happy Day!


  1. So glad you had such a great trip! Looks like lots of fun. Enjoy your last week of vacation before school starts.


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