Thursday, July 25, 2013

Paris bag, the piped version

Yesterday, I showed you how I made the Paris goody bag,
with a simple flap.

Here is the piped version,
just a few extra stepped,
but still really easy!

The only extra steps are done during the construction of the flap.
After the top is interfaced and the corners are cut,
I stitched some piping around the flap.
I made my own piping because I wanted it to be the same purple
than the lining and the handle.
After stitching the piping, the other piece of print fabric is placed on top of the piping,
and the sandwich is stitched again all the 3 sides, like the other version.
When I made the piping, I stitched it using my presser foot, and move my needle to 3 (off center)
when I stitched the piping to the top, my needle is move to 4,
and finally for the sandwich, it moved to 5, 
so it closer and closer to the piping, making it impossible to see the previous stitching lines.

Once again I clipped the corners before turning the flap right side out.
I ironed it carefully and top-stitched all around it for neat, finish look.

With the flap complete, it is back to the rest of the bag,
nothing else is changed.

happy sewing!


  1. i am still amazed at your construction. everything is so perfect and well finished.
    Glad to hear from you. love you model, what a perfect beautiful young lady

  2. What a lovely bag! Gorgeous fabric xx


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