Sunday, July 14, 2013

Happy Bastille day, a doll's point of view

 Happy Bastille day,
or "fete nat" as we call it at home,
there is never enough place on the calendar for "fete nationale"!

Polly celebrates the holiday in jeans, breton top (from this post)
and of course a beret!
I followed this free tutorial from American Doll Outfitters, very fast and easy.
I made a few using different fabrics (fleece, microfiber and felt)
and all of them worked just fine.
This one is made of cheap felt and looks really close to a real one,
not that you would see a lot of people with a beret in France,
well my Papi wore one quite often, so I guess it still happens.

Miss C. made the baguette out of salt dough,
painted with pastel after baking it,
looking quite realistic.

Happy day!


  1. Salut,
    J'ai récemment découvert ton blog, et j'aime bien. Je suis américaine, mais j'étudie le français à la université parce que je voudrais devenir une prof de français au lycée.

    1. Mes personnages des poupées sont français parce que j'adore écrire à propos de la culture française.
      Alors, bonne fête à toi!
      I never realized that the striped shirt look originated from Bretagne! Quelle ville est-ce que tu viens?
      ~C. et ses poupées


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