a simple Paris birthday party

This week end Miss C. celebrated her birthday
with a sleepover party with her 3 best friends.
The theme for this year: Paris and the Eiffel tower,
totally perfect for an almost 9 year old!

I kept things simple with a color scheme of purple and turquoise,
Miss C.'s favorite colors!

Last year, she chose Safari, with wild animal print and food,

I made some sugar cookies in Eiffel tower and poodle shapes
for the girls to decorate, and 3 different icing,

I also made some French macarons,
They turned out perfect, except for the color!
They were supposed to be purple, I guess I did not put enough dye!
The inside is lightly purple, but the outside is mostly beige, it looks good with the chocolate,
the color problem did not affect the taste, they were good,
even if no girl ate any!

Miss C. chose some beautiful chocolate to coordinate with her color scheme.

Finally I made a simple four layer vanilla cake,
with butter icing, and decorated it with another Eiffel tower,
I used the cookie cuter to mark the shape on the iced cake.

While it is far from perfect, Miss C. was very pleased with it,
telling me I was the best mom, ever,
which I will try to remember during our next disagreement!

Miss C. set up the table, once again keeping things simple,
but with an Eiffel tower!

As you can in the left corner, there is a place for the presents,
and of course the goody bags, 
which I spent many hours making (more on that later)!!

Here are the 2 tutorials: part I and part II.

Happy birthday Miss C.

I love you !

Happy day!


  1. Looks adorable. Can't wait to see more on the goodie bags...they look amazing. I love how you did the Eiffel tower on the cake, very clever and looks great.

  2. Happy Birthday Miss C!
    Look like you had a great birthday party. You have a wonderful Mom to do that for you.
    Best Wishes.
    Brenda in Georgia.

  3. Hey such a cute Paris birthday party. I seriously liked your party and favors too. Loved the adorable cake. I want to have such amazing themed birthday party for my niece too at one of Chicago event space. Will be using your few ideas there. Thanks for sharing this amazing post.


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