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Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

swim pennants

Swim and dive season is almost over,
it was Miss C.'s first year,
so she was assigned a swim and a dive buddy,
who were most helpful in making it a successful time.
So to celebrate the occasion,
I made a personalized pennant for each of the girls,
of course, I could not forget my own daughter!

I found this great tutorial from Infarrantly Creative on how to draw and design
vintage inspired pennants,
I first designed the name in pennant shape,
using the font Varsity, just like in the tutorial.
Then I printed out the name,
and recopied the letters from the back on some wonder under.

I ironed them onto felt and cut them out.
Before ironed them onto my background,
I carefully placed the letters, making sure they aligned perfectly.

I did not cut the background until after the name was ironed on.
It is easier that way,
I just needed to make sure that there is enough place for 
the long triangle!

Then I stitched every letter to the background
to ensure nothing will come undone!

In order to hide all the threads, and make the pennant sturdier,
I added a back to the pennant, cutting a larger rough piece of felt for the back.
I also cut 2 long pieces of felt (1/2 inch wide) for the ties
that I put between the 2 layers,
and stitched around the pennant.

Once the back is stitched, I cut off the excess felt,
making sure not to cut off the ties.

At this point, it could be complete,
but I liked it with another band at the top.
I cut a 1 inch band, stitched it to the top,
and then cut off the excess on each side.

Here there are all together,
looking mighty good and official!

Happy sewing!

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  1. These are so cute! I'm amazed at how well they are all lined up. I tend to lose patience for things like that (and it usually shows).
    Great job.


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