Halloween Hunt for grown-ups: vintage shopping!

This Saturday, I was able to participate to the Hometalk Halloween Hunt!
It was located in the "greater" DC area, more exactly Frederick county in MD, and Loudoun county in VA.

So I left home at 7:30, visited 4 shops,
 ate breakfast and lunch on the spot,
and made it back by 4:30, not without getting a ferry ride!
It was a short cut....!


One of my girlfriends accompanied me on this expedition,
it was definitively funnier that way!

We started at "Sweet Clover Barn", enjoying looking through everything,
here are a few pictures of my favorite vignettes:

There I also met Karen from "The Graphics Fairy",
I was a little shy but I went ahead and introduced myself,
she is as sweet and nice on person as she is in her blog.

After that, we drove over to "Chartreuse and Co", and saw more cool stuff,
with 6 barns to check out, it kept us quite busy.
I must admit I enjoyed the first one best,
I guess I am not a really antique person,
I like my vintage to be inspired and antiqued but new!
It probably comes as a response to my grandmother's passion,
she liked everything old, and there were never a sturdy chair to sit on!

While we were there, we received lunch and took a little break...

After crossing the river, driving over the Potomac River, in its autumn beauty,
we met it to "the Old Lucketts Store" and the design house.
it was just as fun!

Once again my favorite was the design house,
it goes with me liking new things made to look old...but really sturdy!
I took a few pictures, but Karen (of "The Graphic Fairy") did a much better job,
so for better pictures check it out here.

And finally we checked out "On a Whim".
By the time we got there, we were all spent,
and I forgot my camera in the car,
it was hot, I was lazy....
But I did get to see a great paint demonstration,
so it was totally worst it!

Now I have to come up with something with the results of my hunt,
not sure what it will be....
at least it was a great hunt!

Happy day!


  1. Wow this looks like the best kind of Halloween hunt! Xx


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