it starts to look like fall...

Fall is here, lots of leaves to rake in the yard,
cool weather (the heater has been turned on),
the only thing missing was some fall decor in our house.
I had great plans, especially after my Halloween Hunt a couple weeks ago...
Well it did not work out at all,
so bad and sad that I do not want to go into the details...
(but it did involve some paint and foil, there is always Christmas)
So I went with something easy,
and it did make me happy in the end:

I decorated our sideboard in the dining room, with a variety of pumpkins, real and glass;
(how fitting to have a glass Cinderella pumpkin since I made Cinderella dresses for everybody!)
and pottery: the green one is from Miss C.'s pottery class,
the beautiful orange and black comes from a South West Native American tribe,
the yellow pitcher holding the flowers is from PB.
And no setting is complete without a proper drink collection!

Of course the amazing banner is really the most interesting part for me.
I received as a gift from Chartreuse and Co,
perfect for somebody who enjoys paper crafting!

A non fall related news, but totally inspired by vintage things,
we purchased some new chairs for the dining room.
I guess we are going for vintage industrial look....
I have plans for the IKEA bookcase,
hopefully it will work better than my fall plan!

Happy day!

I am linking this post to Primitive And Proper who organized the Halloween Hunt.


  1. Your sideboard looks very autumnal and I love your banner xx


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