Cinderella costume

As I have mentioned before,
we are Cinderella lovers,
and since Halloween is coming soon
at least on blog land (!)
I am reposting our costumes.

I made both of our costumes
Miss C. is Butterick pattern 4320
and mine is  Simplicity pattern 2813.

Of course Dolly had to have her own!

The pattern is simplicity 2264.

There is a tulle petticoat for added volume.

I know a true lady does not show her undergarment
but she is only pulling up her skirt to knee level!

It was a great Halloween evening,
with matching Daughter and Mom and Dolly!

Sewing costumes takes a while,
but they last so much longer,
zippers are so much better than velcro!
How do we know?
well we dress up more than just for Halloween!
It is a least a once a week event for Miss C.!

Happy sewing!

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  1. Oh Morgane, you have done it again! Honestly, I can't imagine tackling one of those dresses and you made 3. You all look beautiful! I love your costumes!

  2. Hello! I found your blog by searching '4320 cinderella dress'. I am making the same dress for my daughter and having trouble with the braid. I can't tell from your pic if you did it or skipped it. If it's not too forward, may I ask how you did the mitered corner? I love your dress as well. I also got the simplicity pattern for the doll dress and am going to start it when I finish this dress. :o)

  3. Hello, I am glad you are asking these questions, I made those costumes a few years ago, so may be not the best details!

    I totally skipped the braid, I have done it on some other costumes, I usually sew it at the end, by machine or hand depending on the braid (or the length of the braid!) to miter the corner might be a little tricky if the braid is thick so may be doing it by hand would be easier, just remember whoever is wearing it will not think about it the same way you do! I talked from experience, I spend a lot of time on details and the kids do not care about them.....!

    Good luck on your dress and the doll's dress, it takes just about the same time to make a mini version!



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