Tuesday, September 14, 2010

fall table

For the past few months,
the table is set in our dinning room,
so it looks inviting for potential buyers.

As the season is changing,
I transformed it from summer to fall.

Since we are not formal people,
I made a simple tablecloth, a runner and napkins,
with fall color and a more modern twist.

For the table runner, I used outdoor canvas,
not for its properties but because I just love the design and colors.

I just cut a big rectangle out of the canvas and another fall cotton,
stitched them ride side together, leaving an opening,
and after turning right side out, it was top stitched.
Because of the weave of the fabric,
the stop stitching is not as pretty as I would have liked it.

For the tablecloth I used everybody's favorite:
painter's dropcloth!
I first washed it and cut off all the hemming.
Then I cut it to size, and stitched all around it with a wider hem,
mitering the corners

The fabric for the napkins is also a little heavier than usual,
as it is also a drapery fabric (100% cotton), purchased at Hancock Fabric.

I mitered the corners of the napkins too,
it is a detail I always look for when I purchased then,
so I cannot ask less of me!
(even if it does take a lot more time than a regular rolled hem!)

I found these cute place card pumpkins at Michaels,
and I just had to add them!
(There is a better and a lot more expensive version at Pier I)

I used some fall paper to make a pre place card,
I will add a white piece of card stock with the name on top (smaller than the fall paper)
as we have guests!



Now, what's for dinner?

Happy sewing!

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  1. What an adorable table! I love the little pumpkin napkin holders. Thanks for sharing!

  2. love the fabric you used for the tablecloth & napkins are perfect for FALL! and those darling pumpkins on the plate = icing on the cake.

    thank you so much for linking to the FALL FESTIVAL! hope to see you next week!


  3. I really like the change on the table. You are so inspired and i envy your taste to pick patters, didn't I always tell you so?.
    I actually have something to ask you. The material that you use for the napkins, can you use it to make slip covers? I love the pattern and my sofas really need some help. If so, could you get inspired and create a tutorial about how to make beautiful, simple and with no ruffles slip covers?.(Ok I know this might not be that simple, just trying to give ideas :-)). By the way, wejust bought a house, I know its a surprise but it also is to me, we just found one that i had to have. I'll send you pics soon


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