Sunday, September 19, 2010

fall decorations

Do you remember my son's dilemma
over the acorns that we collected for my fall sign?

well I found this cute tutorial on how to make acorns!

Yes I will not have to hear how we are hurting nature
and all the animals that eat the acorns!
I will still need the top part of the acorn,
but I am quite sure most creatures do not eat that part!
(I do remember my grandfather feeding acorns to his rabbits!)

While I was at it,
I also made some fabric pumpkins,
too easy and too cute to pass.

I used this tutorial.
Basically it is a rectangle (twice the width for the height),
stitched on the side and gathered on both ends.
The key part is using some floss to shape the pumpkin.

I started with a 6 x 12 rectangle for the big one, and
a 4 x 8 for the little one.

I put all of the fall decor pieces on my fall table setting,
the little porcelain tray needed some thing!

Happy sewing!

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  1. They look great! Too funny because I was up late the other night and searched for tutorials on the same thing! I am going to put pink, orange, and some yellow in mine for my kitchen. Thanks for sharing!


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