Thursday, September 23, 2010

fall is here

and it is over 95 degree!
But there is something in the air,
just how cool the wind is in the morning,
the dogs and I enjoy it in our daily walk.

This week end, we will be going to the applefest
in Lebanon, Ohio.
We went a few year ago,
we ate everything apple:
doughnut (delicious), pie (of course)
and a new treat for me: apple butter!
It does not exist in France, I became a fan really fast!

To celebrate fall, I am making paninis,
not especially fall food,
but I just made a lovely pesto using this recipe 
(without garlic of course!).
Bread is always a comfort food,
actually it is more like an essential!

Just bread, pesto, tomato and cheese,
true happiness!

Happy Fall Day!

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