chocolate cake

Miss C. has been requesting some more cake,
play food cake.
I had already made 2 cakes,
but it was not enough!

So this time I made a cake she can "cut"
and serve individual pieces.

I started with 2 inch foam,

drew a circle with a plate, and marked 6 pieces.

I cut the 6 pieces with a bread knife.

I cut a 2 inch band of brown felt

and wrap the cake, cutting it to length.

Then I stitched it at the pointy end, the middle of the cake.

Using the same plate,
I also cut top and bottom of the pieces of cake.

and stitched all over the top and bottom.

It was looking like a nice cake,
but very plain!

So I added some whip cream,
following this description.

I also added 2 bands of lighter color felt,
to replicate the actual cake that was not covered in icing.

I think it worked quite well,
and she seems happy!

Happy sewing!


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