Tuesday, September 28, 2010

holiday cards

and I said Halloween was coming up!
Well I was interested in taking this vintage holiday card workshop
 at Archiver's, and it was almost all filled up, with 3 months to go!
So I went, and it was fun!

Here are the cards I made:

it was all about layers and distressing,

with a few techniques that I did not know...

and of course embossing, and glitter....

these are holidays cards, so totally appropriate!

I also made a tag, quite distressed but fast to make!

The class was long, over 3 hours,
 I usually work fast, but I needed all the time.

Of course I had to get a couple new toys,
since there were a few new techniques,
there were new things to play with!
So I got a paper distresser (like a rotary blade but protected)
to alter, aged paper.
Probably safer than plain blade, after all,
Miss C. always helps me in my craft, I do my best to keep her safe!

I also purchased a glue pen, very precised and
 perfect to outline details with glitter.

I cannot wait to go play some more,
but no way I am making dozens of these cards!

Happy crafting!

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