ballet slippers bag

Miss C. has started her 4th year of ballet and 3rd year of jazz.
She just loves dancing, and she seems good at it,
especially free dance!

To go back in style, I made her a new bag.
She saw the one made by Dana of Made,
and wanted a similar one.

So I did!
For the color I was inspired by "Gentlemen prefer Blonds",
when Marylin sings "Diamonds are the girls' best friends":
hot pink and black!

I pretty much followed  Dana's tutorial,
I changed the string as mine is only on one side.

Ready, set, dance!

Happy sewing!

PS: we got the result of her audition for the Nutcracker,
she will be one of the tiny mice, the part she has dreamed of
for the last few years! Cheesy costume, tail and ears,
it does not get any better!

Happy sewing!


  1. very cute! Thanks for sharing with me! Love the hotpink.


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