Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Of cakes and dolls

The slow melting of the snow has brought home some kind of spring fever.
And there is nothing like a big cake with strawberries to bring memories of warm spring.
So here is my version:


The strawberries are just resting on the top, they can be used for other fine dinning experience!

I really like this cake.
 My first attempt was very pink and less realistic!

But Miss C. is very anxious to play with it, I guess pink icing is after all a very acceptable color for a cake

Later this week, I will write about the aprons the dolls wear.
With a new season, there is a need for new aprons!

Happy sewing.


  1. Hummmm....
    dommmage que le fraisier soit faux, il donne vraiment envie ! super boulot !

  2. merci!
    mais sans calorie, ce n'est pas mal non plus!
    Maintenant je me lance dans les cupcakes!

  3. ohhhhh... encore mieux ! tu vas t'amuser pour la d├ęco !


Merci pour vos commentaires, I will get back to you as soon as I can!

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