Sunday, February 7, 2010

creative place

Today, I would like to share with you my sewing room, my little creative paradise!
Having recently embrace suburbia, I live in a house with formal dining and seating rooms, which doesn't go with our low key live style!  So I have repurposed these rooms into my sewing room and my daughter's play room....  We can enjoy each other during the day and I get to sew without leaving a total mess in the rest of the house (huge improvement over the previous arrangement!)

My table is an old computer desk and I use the keyboard tray to hold my sewing machine.  The Target shelves are perfect for in progress projects and various accesories.
On the other side, there is an armoire full of fabric, and more shelves for various books and magazine, all related to sewing or quilting. They also hold my mini embroidery machine and my serger (the best machine for costumes and PJ, the seams are so comfortable!)
And of course a place for watching a little TV! I enjoy rewatching movies when I sew, well more exactly I like listening!
I must admit it never really  looks that clean! I like to start projects and not always finished them! So it is always a little messy...   I am going to make some right now!
Happy sewing

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  1. Looks like fun... although I know the room has been cleaned...


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