Thursday, February 18, 2010


As I grow more and more tired of snow, I feel the need to redecorate my living room, and the best way (at least for me) is to update the pillows on the couch.
I used to make them with zipper and pipping but lately I have been taking the faster approach!
I already tried that technique to make Christmas pillows and it was quite successful and fast.

Here is the Christmas version, with a old cross stitch insertion.

And here is my newest version, perfect for spring.
I like unadorned pillows, and if possible washable.
With a kindergartener and a tween and their friends, pillows become quite rapidly weapons... so we are always looking for safe and sturdy ones.
Also if I do not spend hours making them, I am less likely to become the yelling mom!!!

To make it on a budget, I only use decorative fabric for the top, and plain fabric for the back, so with 1/2 yard to 5/8 yard (depending on the size of your pillow insert) of fancy fabric I can make 2 pillows!
To avoid zipper and other closure difficulties, I just overlap 2 pieces of fabric in the back, they are cut wider than the front piece.

Since this spring fabric was on the thin side, I ironed on some interfacing, it gives it a more crisp look and also it will wrinkle less.

I also decided to add some pipping (purchased), I just stitched it all around, cutting it at the corners, using 1/4 inch seam allowance (the piping allowance)

I just turned under the edges on the back fabric and overlapped them, to close the back of the pillow.
And then stitched all around the edges.

And voila a perfect pillow.

If you need more help for a pillow, this blog page has a geat tutorial.
And here is one even without sewing!
And here is the pillow on the couch.
See that smaller pillow?

It is from an old cashmere sweater, I know it seems like a waste to use a 100% cashmere sweater, but I wore it a lot, and often at work. And not matter how careful I was, some acid holes appeared on the sleeves and bottom band.

So since I always wanted to do one of the pillow sweater, I thought it would be a great occasion.
I choose a smaller pillow, and just use it to basically sew around it.
I used the buttons for closure, a really fast project and oh so soft!

I am happy to report all pillows have been tested for nap and fight, so far so good...
I knew there was a reason for new pillows!

Happy sewing

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