Tuesday, February 2, 2010

first blog

With the dogs snoring away at my feet, I start this new adventure.... I am not much of a writer so I feel the pressure. I like to make things, not so much talk about them, so probably more pictures than words!
I have been working on making valentine's day cookies for my daughter's dolls and furry friends. I have over done it (no one needs 5 dozens!) and now I am looking into selling some of these cookies. I have always given away my work, with great pleasure but as I am no longer employed, I find it harder to supply my creative need. Need might be a strong word, but there are so many beautiful fabrics, and Yes I do "need" this beautiful batik, I do not have this purple shade of blue! So may be we can call it addiction, but that might imply it is wrong.... which as a total addict, I will deny!


  1. I would not call it an addiction but an amazing creative brain. I think that seeling them is the right thing as the quality of your work needs to be appreciated an enjoyes. Not only you have an amazing taste to pick materials but I always enjoy looking at how wonderfully executed and finished is everything. I'm glad you have a blos so we can enjoy you and your art more.

  2. thank you Rosa. This should be the perfect place to display all of my creations!!!


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