Monday, February 8, 2010

Breakfast play time

I have been having a great time making felt play food..... may be too much!
As you can see, I am now working on breakfast, the American way! Pancakes with syrup and butter, egg and bacon!

 The joy and pride of a great week end breakfast!

I have been also visiting the snack aisle, the cheese crackers look pretty good to me!
I make them using 1 inch square pieces of felt for top and bottom, and 3/4 inch cotton batting for the inside, hand stitching them, adding the "hole" in the middle.

My daughter really enjoys playing with them! And she decided to make some for herself! She made a carrot and a heart cookie.  She came up with the pattern, she did the cutting, the sewing and the stuffing, almost all by herself!  Felt might be the best way to teach sewing to little kids. She used a blunt needle and some embroidery floss.  I am a proud maman!

I have been busy making some more to sell, coming up with some packaging ideas.
Let me know what you think, I could use some advises, of course if you are interested in purchasing some, leave me you email address in the comment and I will email you back with details.

Happy sewing!

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