Monday, April 14, 2014

cherry blossom inspired doll outfits

I was inspired to sew 2 new spring doll outfits.
One for Camille, our little doll from France
and another for Saige.
I know there is not so much cherry blossom in the NM,
but now she lives in DC and here it is a big deal!

I tried to take pictures of the girls with the blossom, but the trees are too tall!

Saige is wearing a top based on this pattern from Liberty Jane Pattern,
it was a freebie pattern a couple of weeks ago.
It would make a cute dress but it is perfect as a top,
and it goes so well with the white shorts that I sewed last year.

For Camille, I made a nice T-shirt, using this pattern from Liberty Jane Pattern,
it is a mini-version of the many t-shirts I sewed for the girls.
It fits really well, and looks good.
I made up a little skirt from a rectangle, some elastic and some pompom trim,
she looks perfect for a hot spring day.

The cherry blossom has finally reached our neighborhood,
it is so pleasant to walk down there,
under the falling flowers.

Happy sewing!

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