Friday, July 4, 2014

just for me: heirloom quilt

This quilt has been in the making for many years.
I purchased the kit from Martha Pullen 
when the directions were being published (around 2005) in her magazine.
I started sewing it probably in 2008-2009,
I quilted it in 2011, bound in 2012 and I am finally enjoying it now!

The first article of the series can be found here, just select Heirloom baby quilt, it is a PDF.

All the directions are in a book, if you are interested,
it is a great project to learn heirloom sewing.

A lot of lace shaping, and fancy stitching made this quilt a true work of art.
I have most of the techniques down now,
but all my reasons for learning them have grown
and show absolutely no interest in it!

Oh well, I still have still beautiful quilt which hangs in my sewing room,
and I smile every time I see it!


Merci pour vos commentaires, I will get back to you as soon as I can!

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