Christmas at Lucketts

Are you ready for Christmas?
it seems to be everywhere right now,
in stores and on blogs....
This week end I went to the Lucketts store
to visit the design house,
and there too, it was Christmas!
I have been there a few times,
but it was my first time visiting it all decorated for the holidays.
I took a few pictures, hard as it was packed.
It was beautiful, and over the top.
Enjoy the pics...

And that was just the first room...

Great bedroom with a nice "natural" decor,
I really liked all the blue and bronze,
and the sequin deer silhouette pillow.

Beautiful decorated trees in every room,
I personally like them more tree and less ornaments...

There were deer everywhere, paintings, sculptures, ornaments, ribbons...

But this was my favorite: wood trees!
Oh, yeah, the sheep are also super cute..

 The bedroom felt like the best place to spend the holidays....
and I do not even decorate anything in winter white!

Happy dreaming!


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