Friday, August 19, 2016

back to school for some baking

I went back to school last weekend,
well not traditional school, but cooking school!
I went back to L'Academie de Cuisine
to learn more desserts.

And unlike last time when I "studied" French patisserie,
it was mostly American baking with:
peach pie,
pound cake with blueberry compote and corn ice cream,
berry cobbler with vanilla ice cream
(no picture of that cobbler, it was eaten on the spot!)

It was my first time baking a peach pie,
it was quite easy, much more than I thought,
so I will definitively make some more,
once the heat dies off a little,
just too hot to turn on the oven!

The pound cake was not really what I was expected,
I made lots of them in France,
we call them "four quarters"
it is sweet and butter, and a light heavy but so delicious!

This one was light, but kind of plain,
luckily we made a blueberry compote,
which should be called blueberry sauce,
that was really good, and save that dessert.

So may be change the cake but keep the sauce, so good.

It was also interesting to learn to make ice cream,
the real way, with egg yolks and cream.
I cannot say I will make some myself,
there are so many good brand of ice cream....

The cobbler was nice and simple,
but with a good refresher on making biscuit.

Overall it was a fun day of baking and eating...
I was able to bring back part of the peach pie,
so we were able to enjoy it as a family.

Happy day!


  1. What an interesting looking pie! I've never seen a square pie before. :) Looks like you had a great time! Also, now I am hungry. Lol!

    ginnie /

    1. It is called a slab pie, I had never heard of it before either...the shape does not interfere with taste :)
      It did not last long, very successful with the family and friends.


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