Monday, August 29, 2016

a pretty lunch bag

Well it is officially back to school today for the kids,
Miss C. is a 7th grader, and Brick Master is a sophomore,
all serious school years but not transition years.
For me, well it is routine as usual,
I only took a few days off this summer to go
to the international robotic competition in St Augustine, Florida.
(more about that later in the post.)
But I felt like I deserved a back to school treat!
The kids do not want me to sew for them anymore,
so I made myself a new lunch bag.

It is just slightly bigger than the one I made for Miss C a few years ago

which she actually never used!
On the other hand, I had been using it everyday,
 and it was started to look less and less adorable...
so time for a new one!

I used fabrics I brought back from France a few years ago,
I was saving them for a special occasion,
well I am special enough to use them for myself!
That macaron/desserts fabric is just so lovely,
I added a flowery Liberty of London print,
and some solid for the handles and the cover.

Even the water resistant lining is macarons/sweets related,
it was made to be.

As far as the competition in St Augustine,
it went pretty well, they fought hard and well,
but a team from Los Altos and another team from Austria
crushed them, they were still happy with their performance,
they finished 18 out of 56, not bad for a first time.
Mon Cheri, Miss C. and I enjoyed visiting the town,
beautiful but so hot in the July sun!

Hopefully the heat and humid of the DC summer
is mostly over.

Happy sewing!


  1. I spent all these summer days thinking I need (love) to make a fabric bag for me. Not a lunch bag, just a bag to wear during summer. A cheerful and pretty one to rest from the leather (and faux leather) ones. Never made! Haven't give up yet! Maybe one day... love your lunch bag I would wear it as a normal bag, so pretty!

  2. thank you Maria! I totally know what you mean about making a summer bag, I am 3/4 done with one...and yet it waits for me to finish it....there are a few more weeks of summer, still hope!


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