Thursday, March 23, 2017

more illustrated pincushions? yes please!

which I am guilty keeping for myself...,
I made another set for my mom.

This time I used white linen and a mixture of prints, not just Liberty of London.

Changing the fabric really change the feel of the image.

Some of the illustrations are from the same pattern,
other (like the sewing machine) is from the book "Sew Illustrated".

It was fun to look for a small image for the sewing machine.
It looks challenging but it is a fairly forgiving technique,
I was just stitching around the shape.

So here is the new set of pincushions:

I kept them simple, just one of them has a little tag.

But I could not stop there,
and made something else to keep them together:

which I will share next time!

Happy sewing!

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