Monday, April 15, 2019

little goody bags for Easter: a tutorial

Over the last couple of weekends
I worked on making Easter goody bags
for my kids and nieces/nephew,
and tried not to eat all the chocolates!

The bags turned out really cute,
and there are some chocolates left,
so a total success!
I went old school for the bags
and put chicken on them
instead of bunnies.....

The pattern for the chicken is from Bustle and Sew (the April 2019 magazine)
They are a mix of felt and Liberty of London, fancy applique chickens!

So here is a little tutorial on making these little bags,
once you are done with the chicken, of course!

I started with a 16 x 8 piece of egg print fabric.
and appliqued the chicken, just like other sew illustrated things
I have been making lately.

Then I cut another print, same width but taller,
so that it can be seen from the top,
I wanted about a 1 inch visible, so 16 x 10.

I sewed it on the top, if the print is directional,
make sure it will be right side up once it is folded....
A little pressing then will be it easier 
when the lining is pushed inside the bag.

Then I folded the fabric onto itself
to make a very long rectangle,
and sewed all around it,
 except for a little section that is left opened.

From this opening, the fabric can be turned right side out.
After some ironing and pressing,
the opening can be stitched closed by hand
or machine, I like to do it by hand, it is quite fast.

Finally the lining is pushed inside the bag,
and voila!

I did a little extra top stitching at the top, 
between the main fabric and the lining 
(not seen on this picture).

To close the bags, I just use a piece of string
or ribbon.

I also made some other ones using some chicken wire fabric,
quite appropriate!
And the houndstooth is perfect for it,
it is known as rooster foot in French! 

The orange chicken bag is not lined, just sewn with French seams.

And here there are together,
waiting for this Sunday gathering!

Happy sewing!


  1. Te quedaron unas bolsas bellísimas !!!!! me encantan las gallinas ,seguro que gustaron mucho a los niños .
    Besos y feliz Pascua.

    1. Thank you! The kids will get them tomorrow, so we shall see what they think of them...but like you, I love them! Happy Easter.


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