Sunday, August 25, 2019

the new college quilt in action!

Earlier this month,
I mentioned I was making a quilt
for Brick Master for the beginning of his college life.
Well Friday we dropped him off
to school to start Monday!

Here is his quilt,
all finished, bringing some colors 
to another wise pretty stark room!

I used his favorite colors
 (that also happened to be the colors of his school),
a simple weaving pattern
and a large appliqued M,
his initial and the school, 
like if it was meant to be!

The back of the quilt is just red fleece with the school logo,
(which stained my sewing machine!)

 So far the only decor in his room is the quilt
and the 2 airplanes pics!

Go Terps!

Happy sewing!

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