Saturday, March 28, 2020

a storage box for above the fridge

I have been making some changes to our kitchen:
I started repainting it palladian blue,
like the living room.

I spent a lot of time, searching for the right color,
trying many things, but none seems to be "me",
until I got tired of it all,
and reached that same blue/grey/green!

And it was perfect,
bright and fresh,
but as usual once I touched the paint,
other things needed attention....

The curtains looked ugly with the new color,
especially on this little area, just above the fridge:

At the time I made it in 2012,
it is was quite appropriate,
but it is now 2020,
time for something new!
So it was off with the "curtain"
and on with the mess....
It remained that way for quite some times,
but I found myself with a lot of free time right now!

(we changed fridge a few years ago, and 
went with white unlike the rest of our appliances)

So I built a simple box out of  1 x 6 pieces of pine,
that I had on hand, nothing fancy,
just like I did for the crates I built in 2012 

They are still in their location,
I guess not everything needs to change this year!

This time it is a lot bigger

but same principle,
I decided to stain it like it did all the other ones,

but instead to affix these 3 wine enamel plaques
I purchased a few years ago
(and that I was able to find in my cleaning!):

I am able to hide all of the mess in the box:

I really like the look of the tags on the box,
and above the fridge!

Like in most houses, we use the fridge to display stuff,
just regular mess....

This has been my first week at home,
so I am started to catch up on the projects I have been wanted to do.
The kids have been home for 2 weeks already,
with close schools and universities.
With most of my relatives in Europe,
we spend a lot of times reading the news,
it is scary!

So we also spend time making food,

(I know I need to clean the outdoor table,
winter has been long!)

I will share more of the kitchen redo later,
it is still very much a work in progress...

I hope you and your family are staying safe.

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