Friday, August 7, 2020

Front yard overall, part two

We left off last time just after the masons have finished all the stone work:

looking very nice, ready for the carpenters!

We were looking for a simple front porch,
very square, like the house.
Because of the timing, we were not sure
it would get finished as our state started
to shut down.
Our contractor decided to keep working
as all the work was outside.

With the columns, it really started to take shape.

But then there was a long time waiting for the inspector,
and finally the under roof was installed!

And the magic of paint finished it all off:

As the grass started to grow, we made a new house number,
brought in a rocking chair from the back yard...

and started planting some plants and flowers
in the new bed between the driveway and the walkway.

We put more plants and added gravel,
perfect for lavender.

We purchased a set of new chairs for the porch,
perfect for 2 people, and just the right size for the space.

So are we done?
Well almost, the driveway needs to be redone,
(actually just finished!)
and I would like to get new light for the porch,
more specifically get another light on the other side,
which requires an electrician to enter the house,
and I am not ready for that.

Happy Day!


  1. Oh wow, it looks so GOOD!! The masonry work is perfection and so is the porch!❤️❤️

    1. thank you Cristina! we waited a long time and it was totally worth it!


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