Wednesday, October 7, 2020

a large Halloween pillow

While I should have been working on my apple embroidery,
I decided to sew a large Halloween pillow:

a patchwork of many prints, I seem to collect fat quarters of Halloween fabric, 
and never do anything with them!
There are a few years worth of fabric in this pillow....

There are a mix of dogs, cats, pumpkins, witches....

I wanted to make something not too complicated,
so I made it the same way I made a "I spy" quilt many years ago.

To modernize it a little, I supersized the hexagon,
perfect for all the images,
those kitties are so perfect for that!

I had to do a little math (or more exactly trial and error...)
to find the right size triangles,
but once I had the size down, it was quite fast and easy to cut them
on a strip of fabric, just angled the rule at 60 degrees.

Each hexagon gets 2 triangles in opposite corners, like so:

 I sewed them into a row of 5 hexagons,
then I sewed the rows into a "square".
I ironed it on some fusible fleece:

I simply quilted 1/8th from the seams, on both sides,
very discreetly!

My pillow insert is 26 x 26, so I cut the square at that size,
I cut the back a little longer to sew in a zipper.
After attaching the zipper, I stitched wrong side together,
and sewed the binding around

The binding adds some framing to the pillow.

And it looks perfect on my fall front porch
with all the pumpkins!

Happy sewing!

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