Tuesday, April 27, 2010

quilts for boy

I feel a little guilty!
I always show the work I make
for my daughter and not for
my son!

I must admit as he is getting bigger
and cooler(!)
he has less and less needs
for my sewing and/or crafting!

So sad.

So today here is a trip
down memory lane,
when I was the cool mom!

I have already shared this quilt with you
but it was originally made for him.

This is was so easy but so cool!
A new take on silhouette!

The pattern is "Serengeti Sunset"
by Cornelia Carpenter.

I call this one D&D
(dungeon and dragons!)
the pattern is "little dragons everywhere"
by Carol Bruce for needlesongs.

Nice, happy dragons!

And since my son had a speech delay,
I also made him a 'I spy" quilt.
We used it to make him talk!
Now we are trying to make him stop!!!

But he still sleeps with it!

So here you have it,
some old but good quilts made for
Lego Brick master
well before he was a master!

Happy sewing!

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