Thursday, June 20, 2019

the farm quilt: the last 10 blocks!

Here are the last ten blocks of my farm quilt:

Most of the patterns are from the "farm girl vintage"
by Lori Holt,
except this little turkey:
Lori had a tutorial for it on her blog:

It is cute and childish, perfect for this quilt!

but let's get back to the book:

a little basket,

a sunflower,

a flower stem,

and some threads!

These next 2 blocks are also from Lori,
but from individual patterns.
Soon I think they also will be in her new book:

a sweet pink kitty (a memory for my sister!)

and a cow of course,
lots of cows where we grew up!

For mother's day, I received a new quilting book:
"spelling bee"

which is the perfect addition to my farm quilt,
the blocks are also 6 x 6.

So I choose the globe,

which I will embroider with a map of the US and Europe,

and a little butterfly.

My last block is this Dala horse from Moda Bake Shop

not really farmish,
but ideal for a little girl born is Scandinavia.
I previously made a cute little bag with this block:

So here are all my 35 block: 

now it is time to assemble the top,
quilt and bind it
and all of the details....

Happy sewing!

Sunday, June 9, 2019

the farm quilt: some farm building and a tractor!

I have been hard at work on my new farm quilt,
and today I am sharing 10 new blocks!

While there are many 6 inch blocks in the book "farm girl vintage",
there are a few much larger ones, like the silo barn
that are quite larger (14 x 14 inches),
so I tried to scale them down to 6 inch block.

So here is my mini version of the silo:

it is not a perfect representation, 
but it keeps the same vibe,
with a dog in the attic,
and a simple quilt as the door.

I did the same thing with the quilty barn block,
also a 14 x 14 inches,
into a 6 inch block to match all my other blocks.

It is also slightly different, but recognizable!
There is also a dog in the door and a mouse in the attic,
and of course a little quilt on the side.

The last one I revisited is the tractor block,
the original size is 16 x 20 inches,
so a lot harder to downgrade to 6 inch square.
Luckily Lori (of bee in my bonnet) has just written a new book "farm girl vintage 2",
and in it she has a small tractor block.
So between the pattern for the large tractor
and the picture of the small one,
I was able to make a tractor block:

it is not perfect and still need some hand embroidery
for the steering wheel, but it kind of looks like a John Deer tractor!
(and I know my niece will recognize it has there is a dealer near my parents.)

And here there are together:
quite cute, even imperfect, I like the "I spy" aspect of this quilt 
with all the dogs and mice hidden in the barns!

I made 4 gingham blocks:
just perfect for the 4 corners of the quilt.

And I made 3 "kitchen" blocks,
nice and easy just following the directions:
the canning jars block,

the tea pot or kettle block, 
with cherries, we do live in DC, a big symbol!

the bowls and mixing spool block.

And here there are altogether:
you can check here for the first row,

25 blocks, just 10 more to go!

Happy sewing!

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