Saturday, February 29, 2020

Early Spring trip to Lucketts

Spring still feels like it is far away,
but I am so ready for some more sunshine
and warmer weather.
I recently visited one of my favorite places:
the design house at Lucketts.

All the green, white, black and woodtone felt so "springy",

and fresh.

But the house was still in winter mode in the bedrooms

with warm textile and layers.

An unexpected part of this visit, as I have been here a few times,
was the South West vibes in a couple places:

Having spent a decade there, I always have a soft spot for some South West details,
nature and National Parks like the Arches poster!

There were also some great potteries that I had a hard time resisting,
but Miss C. is making so many great ceramics in art,
I did not want to create some competition!

Overall, it was a great show house,
and I am even more eager for Spring!

Happy Day!

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Raclette for Mardi Gras

This year for Mardi Gras,
we are eating some raclette!

It is a rich meal, fun to share with friends and family.
Since it generates a fair amount of heat at the table,
it is best served in winter!

We always use our raclette machine
 (purchased more than 20 years ago, very sturdy!)
but in a pinch, the cheese can be microwaved carefully,
it is not as good but if you just want to try it out...

Finding raclette cheese can be challenging,
not every grocery store will carry it ou even every season.
Usually Whole food or Wegsman have it,
or even a fancy Safeway (not my regular one :( !)

The cheese melt below the surface, the bread and charcuterie get heated up on the top.
It is traditionally served and eaten on top of boiled/steamed potatoes:

My kids are not huge fan of potatoes,
 so they cover their bread with the melted cheese instead.

Either way it is fun and tasty adventure!
I must warn you that it is a fairly smelly,
during and after....

Happy days!

Previously, we celebrated Mardi Gras with

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

cleaning and updating my sewing room

I finally finished cleaning and tidying up my sewing room:

and it will remain that way just a while,
as I am a messy crafter!

You can check out what my studio was like 5 years ago:

Surprisingly, not that much!
Same machine and same light...

More stuff on my pinning board,
 a little chest of drawers IKEA Moppe
and a bench with my Dandelion.

I pared down my book collection,
I gave away anything that I not looked at in a few years,
which gave me more space for fabric!

On the back wall, I have my summer treat quilt displayed,
(it used to be on the opposite wall,
where I installed my design board)
a couple embroidery and some dressforms.

On the daybed, there is a large collection of pillows,
some purchased, some homemade like

I like to seat there for relaxing,
looking at my books,
and doing embroidery!

My new ironing shelf is just right there.

Above the daybed, I have hung my heirloom sewing quilt,
which took really long to make,
but it looks perfect there.
Next to it, are 3 prints from Provence,
to remind me to go back someday...

So here you have it, a little tour of my happy place!

Happy sewing!

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Valentine's Day mini quilt

I managed to sew a little Valentine's day mini quilt:

and it turned out really cute!

The pattern is from the Spelling Bee book by Lori Holt.
I used some of the blocks in my farm quilt.

The ombre heart and typewriter fabrics are from Riley Blake,
I bought them last year but did not have time to use them!
Last week, I started working on it after finishing 
my little design board:

It was fun to audition the fabrics right there,

and see it grow on the design board!

I really it, a fast and easy project,
since I was so late to start it....

Here are some of my previous heart projects:

1-Heart pillows, 2- Pipped heart pillow, 3- Heart coaster,
4- Valentine day doll bedding, 5- Love pillows.

Happy sewing!

Friday, February 7, 2020

a small design board for my sewing room

As I keep working on tying up my sewing room,
I made a little design wall for my quilting project:

It is small, just 2 feet x 2 feet,
but so much easier than trying to hang the blocks
by the rope like I used to do:

(for the farm quilt)

I kept the top rope to display some embroideries.

My little design board is just a piece of insulation:
the pink stuff from the HomeDepot,
sold at that size, it fits in every car!
I just covered it all in some quilting batting,

secure it with some packing tape,

making neat corner,
and just nailed on the wall at the 4 corners,
not even in the studs as it doesn't weigh much,

Now I have the perfect place to choose fabrics
for my next project:

Here I am deciding on some kitchen fabrics
and I still hope to have time to sew a little something
for Valentine's day!

Happy sewing!

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