Thursday, December 30, 2021

just a couple of geese pillow!

Here is my last Christmas present for this year,
a cute geese pillow!

The pattern is from Bustle and Sew,
perfect for Christmas and after.

I couldn't share until now,
just like last year with the bear pillow:

For this year pillow,
I used the same quilting print that I used for
the tree skirt, a nice snowy blue.
And some felt applique!

Bosco was very intrigued by this new pillow!
He is almost fully back to himself after his knee replacement in June,
just a slight limp left.

Happy sewing!

Saturday, December 25, 2021

Christmas mantel with a new skating embroidery

I finally finished decorating the mantel,
just in time for Christmas!
The cross stitched embroidery took me a little longer than I thought,

but it looks perfect there!

I layered lots of garlands on the mantel,
most of them from previous years,
adding the stockings from last year:

and a blue Santa from my Lucketts trip.
I added a little tree made from scraps of 1 x 4,
inspired by this tutorial by Crafted.

And there's nothing better than reading by the fire on Christmas day!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

a tree coaster or the 2021 mug rug

I love making mug rugs,
and I love making little presents for friends,
so this is the perfect craft to give away:

no drink in the cup, no risk of spilling!

And I made a lot of them,
for my girlfriends, for the family, for myself....

I followed a tutorial from Minki's Work table (again!)
pretty easy with reverse applique, no raw edges and quilt as you go.

For my first set I used the same fabric I used for 

Then I started playing with linen and traditional Christmas colors,

then less traditional colors, then quilting the linen as the tree,
not centering it!

And that one became my favorite!
It goes well with all the red and blue we have at home.

Try making one or ten,
it is a little addicting!

Happy sewing!

Saturday, December 4, 2021

trip to Lucketts Christmas house 2021

This year again we went to the Lucketts Christmas Design House!
And just like last year, we had to buy tickets,
but it was quite worth it:
we went just after Thanksgiving,
and it finally put me in the mood to decorate the house....
which is happening slowly.

As usual, there were great wall papers, beautiful décor,
and perfect accessories!
I am a huge blue room person so this blue deer paper was so good!
And so was this moody bedroom:

A lot more masculine feel than most of the house,
great blues and green with cold accent.

I have seen lately a lot of people using dried orange slices,
but I like the use of the whole orange with cloves

it makes me want to try to do something like that too!

There were of course a lot of beautifully decorated trees,
like this one with more pastel colors:

Every room has its tree, and fireplace/mantel perfectly decorated:

those metal trees were very neat, lot of debates about bringing some home!

I really enjoyed this bedroom, very girly and pinky,
quite different from my style,
but so lovely!

It seems so soft and plushy, and that wallpaper!

There were also more traditional red and green decor,
with a lot of white added.

While the rooms are all perfectly decorated,
there are a couple of vignettes that are just perfect,
like this stylist deer (love deer!)
and this little votive holder with the chalet scene:

So what did I bring home?
a golden squirrel holding an acorn
(I have quite a collection of squirrel, deer and mushroom,
there are worse things! 😜)
an old fashion blue Santa
who is going to be on the mantel,
and a beautiful scarf (present for a friend)

but more importantly
I came home in much better spirit,
ready to play with ornaments, wreaths
and light!

Happy Day!

a snowy mantel with a new deer embroidery

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